Evgeny Vatev

Bulgarian Agricultural Organizations Rally: Minister's Removal Urged

Amidst a fervent outcry, 26 agricultural organizations will gather outside the Council of Ministers, demanding the immediate resignation of Agriculture Minister Kiril Vatev. Defiant against government negotiations, these longstanding groups, boasting a collective 20 years of existence and employing over 300,000 individuals, assert their legitimacy.

Bulgarian Farmers Plan New Protest - Find Out When

Farmers in Bulgaria have announced plans for a protest scheduled for Tuesday following their objections to an agreement reached between the Ministry of Agriculture and certain farming representatives. The disagreement centers around aid for the agricultural sector, with farmers calling for the resignation of Agriculture Minister Kiril Vatev.

Bulgarian Farmers Extend Protests, Blockades Continue for Third Consecutive Day

Bulgarian farmers have entered their third day of protests, with blockades disrupting key transportation routes across the country. The National Grains Association has stated that the protests will escalate each day until their demands are met, with a temporary halt planned for the upcoming weekend.

Bulgarians Honor St. Tryphon Today

On February 1, the Orthodox Church commemorates the Holy Martyr Tryphon, a revered healing saint. Traditionally, Bulgarians observed the symbolic spring pruning of vines on February 14, known as "Tryphon Zarezan" in honor of the saint. Folklore depicts Saint Tryphon as the guardian of vineyards, revered by winegrowers, winemakers, and innkeepers.

Bulgaria Urges Tighter Controls on Sunflower Exports in Talks with Ukraine

Bulgarian Agriculture Minister Kiril Vatev engaged in an online discussion with Ukrainian counterpart Mykola Solsky, focusing on violations in the export licensing system for key crops like sunflower, rapeseed, maize, and wheat. Vatev highlighted concerns over attempts to bypass licensing requirements through specific imports, vowing that corrective action is necessary.

Bulgarian and Ukrainian Agriculture Ministers Forge Agreement on Export Licensing System for Key Crop

In an online meeting held on Thursday, Bulgarian Agriculture and Food Minister Kiril Vatev and Ukrainian counterpart Mykola Solskyi reached a crucial accord regarding the implementation of a licensing framework for the export of vital agricultural commodities, as disclosed by Vatev's Ministry.