North Macedonia’s Conflict-Displaced Families Still Waiting for Homes

"Oh, my heart's going to burst!" exclaims Ljubica Bubuleska as she returns to her birthplace, the North Macedonian village of Radusha, for the first time in many years.

"There's nothing left of my home, not a single photo of my parents, not a piece of furniture that was bought over the years," Bubuleska laments.

Animal abuser in Volos gets 12 months

A 55-year-old man has been handed a 12-month prison sentence and fined 5,000 euros by a court in Volos, central Greece, for abusing a donkey, it was reported on Saturday.

The court heard that he repeatedly kicked the donkey in the head after it fell out of back of his pickup truck while he was driving on a rural road last week.

Flags of despair

Many were shocked by the reactions of some French people, the conspiracy theories and base instincts stirred by the devastating fire at Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral. They shouldn't be.

Bulgarian Vulture Detained for Espionage in Yemen

Vulture marked in Bulgaria became hostage to the Yemeni army. The story begins in the autumn of 2018 when the vulture starts its traditional autumn migration. Flying through Yemen where currently is war conflict happening, though, caught by local people. Once the authorities understand that there is a transmitter, the Griffon Vulture, which is a protected species, is captured.