World Day of Snowman

The snowman is the beloved symbol for the winter. He is one of the most popular figures worldwide. Wherever people know snow they know also snow formed figures and figurines. The snowman is apolitical and has no religious background. Two of many reasons to enjoy high sympathies everywhere.

Czechia 2020: Scandals, Slumps and Spies in ‘Paradise’

"Imagine me being Harry Potter, having a magic stick and transforming all the planned projects into reality now," he continued. "We would immediately become a second Switzerland."

Of course, Babis was quickly reminded that despite his immense economic and political heft, his powers remain earthbound. 

Rare footage from 1929 expedition to Mount Athos discovered at Princeton University

These days the discovery of film footage shot in Greece in 1929 is greeted with the same excitement as that for an ancient archaeological find. Especially when the moving image is accompanied by a rich archive of rarely seen shots of the country taken by award-winning American photographer and cinematographer Floyd Crosby (1899-1985).

The most unpredictable factor

Can anybody trust the United States anymore? It's getting increasingly difficult. Watching what is happening in Washington these days, it's hard to know exactly what we're looking at: a poor imitation of drama series "House of Cards" or a page out of tome by a future Edward Gibbon titled "The History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire."

Growing and adapting

"How will you guarantee our security?" This is the first question that just about every Greek politician (and others) asks any senior foreign official of a major ally who visits the country. The question is naturally met with bewilderment. In today's world there are no protectorates or guardians as was the case in the 19th century. What there is is alliances and political unions.