Flags of despair

Many were shocked by the reactions of some French people, the conspiracy theories and base instincts stirred by the devastating fire at Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral. They shouldn't be.

Bulgarian Vulture Detained for Espionage in Yemen

Vulture marked in Bulgaria became hostage to the Yemeni army. The story begins in the autumn of 2018 when the vulture starts its traditional autumn migration. Flying through Yemen where currently is war conflict happening, though, caught by local people. Once the authorities understand that there is a transmitter, the Griffon Vulture, which is a protected species, is captured.

The First Trailer of Star Wars: ''The Rise of Skywalker'' is Here!

The epic new trailer was finally unveiled at Star Wars Celebration and shows off some of what we can expect from the final instalment, writes the

The Rise of Skywalker, directed by Lost and Alias creator JJ Abrams, will be out this December, reported

Paper collectors across Turkey cry out against public prejudice

Paper collectors say that what is painful for them is not working 12 hours and walking 20 kilometers a day, but the prejudice the public shows against them. "Do not approach us as if we are stricken with plague. We are only trying to make ends meet," say many of them, with whom daily Hürriyet has conducted interviews.

Dead ends everywhere

There was little chance of the government changing the economic policy mix it has relied on for the past four years in the runup to elections. Instead, it remains capable only of running up excessive primary surpluses through overtaxation while failing completely to revive the real economy.

Infamous Car Thief was Caught by Police after Car Chase in Sofia

The police in Sofia detained a infamous car thief known as Peri.

He was arrested by the Cobra special unit after a car chase in the Hippodrome district, the BNR informed.

The operation was carried out after Peri stole a luxury car in the capital. He refused to stop at the signal of MoI officials.