The four big risks from artificial intelligence

Throughout history, technological breakthroughs have created new opportunities for invention, adaptation and progress while inflicting irreversible damage on many lives and livelihoods. They have tested the remarkable abilities of human beings and societies to adapt to the turmoil of transition and to survive what economists call "creative destruction."

The priorities, and the secrets of Athos

Greece's political parties are embarking once again on the campaign trail, deploying a more surgical approach and with their attention turning to specific constituencies.

Ruling New Democracy is expected to focus on northern Greece, where nationalist Greek Solution and the religious-nationalist Niki parties have been flying high.

VIDEO: From Doomsday to New Optimism

Businesses moving "from doomsday to new optimism" was in the focus of an international conference taking organised by the IEDC Bled - School of Management and Bloomberg Adria.

Managers and government representatives from some 25 countries addressed the most pressing global challenges in business, finance and politics.

‘Lord of the Rings’ now a video game

U.S. tech giant Amazon has announced it is developing an open-world style video game based on the classic "Lord of the Rings" saga.

J.R.R. Tolkien's stories of mythical creatures struggling with the mystical power of the rings have become a staple on the video game scene, most famously the tie-ins with Peter Jackson's epic film trilogy in the early 2000s.

Hoping for a break in the pre-election routine

There are two parallel universes. On the one hand, a digital world operating at the speeds of TikTok or Twitter, standing ecstatic, enthusiastic or skeptical in front of innovations in artificial intelligence, harnessing the possibilities of ChatGPT, trying to perceive the changes taking place in everything from the environment to employment.