Financial markets

Number of investors in Borsa Istanbul rising again

The number of investors in Borsa Istanbul has picked up again in the past two weeks with new initial public offerings on the stock exchange.

Some investors left the stock exchange in the past months due to the combination of several factors. The interest rates on saving accounts rose, while the performance of the shares offered via public offerings was disappointing. 

ATHEX: Benchmark reaches new 13-year peak

The Greek bourse may have seen a decline in daily turnover on Monday, owing to the US holiday that kept the New York stock market closed, but most stocks posted significant gains, leading the benchmark to a new 13-year high. Growth was evenly spread across the market, confirming that investors, especially from abroad, are seeking out opportunities in the lower capitalizations too.

Turkish stock exchange hopeful of 2024

In 2023, the BIST100 index remained below the performance of 2022 and inflation, but there is a premium of about 35 percent. The policy based on high-interest rates, which changed with the new economic management after the elections, mobilized alternative markets. Interest rates, foreign exchange and gold protected investors relatively from inflation compared to the stock market.

Bonds to woo big investors

The door is now wide open for the entry of quality and long-term investors, who manage trillions of dollars, into the Greek bonds market: Bloomberg Index Services, a global provider of government bond indices, has become the first to include Greek bonds among the elite of the debt markets, announcing that 17 Greek bonds worth 73 billion euros are to be included in its index series as of January