'Loan Deal' Also Sealed with Russia on South Stream - Reformists

Bulgaria struck a financial agreement with Russia alongside a secret deal on the construction of South Stream, a Reformist Bloc representative said Friday.

Martin Dimitrov's comments come a day after other bloc members alleged that they had gained access to evidence of a "secret deal" with Gazprom on the South Stream project.

South Stream Project 'Not Frozen' - Parliament Speaker

Bulgarian Parliament Speaker Mihail Mikov argued Prime Minister Oresharski had been misinterpreted when speaking about South Stream.

Mikov told the Bulgarian National Radio the construction of the pipeline had not been halted. He added that Plamen Oresharski could not have stopped the project, as he does not possess the competences to do so with a private company like South Stream.

Russia, Ukraine, EU Continue Negotiations over Gas Prices

Three-party gas negotiations between Russia, Ukraine, and the European Union will continue on Tuesday in Brussels after the sides failed to reach an agreement on Monday.

The main issues are Ukraine's gas debt and the future prices. Gazprom has warned that if Kiev doesn't repay its USD 5.2B debt, it can stop the delivery.