Grand Croix of the Légion d'honneur

Parliament speakers of Serbia, Azerbaijan sign MoU

BELGRADE - The parliament speakers of Serbia and Azerbaijan, Vladimir Orlic and Sahiba Gafarova, signed a MoU between the two parliaments on Thursday.

They agreed the memorandum would encourage a strengthening of overall parliamentary cooperation at all levels and that it reconfirmed the friendship between Serbia and Azerbaijan.

Τhe French horsefly of Europe

Europe is falling short as a single strategic actor and French President Emmanuel Macron never misses the opportunity to remind us. Sometimes in a barely diplomatic way. His recent statements have provoked intense controversy and debate. It was not so much their content as the use of specific words such as "vassal" and "follower," which he used to define what he did not want Europe to be.

Russia accuses US of masterminding Kremlin drone attack

Moscow on Thursday accused the US of masterminding a drone attack on the Kremlin, a charge denied by Washington, and said Ukrainian sabotage on Russian territory had reached "unprecedented momentum".

Moscow said President Vladimir Putin was working from the Kremlin the day after the attack, which it said was a Ukrainian attempt to kill him.