Greece–Turkey relations

Greece reacts to Turkish Foreign Ministry statement on Pontic genocide

Athens has accused Ankara of trying to "fabricate history" after the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement denouncing comments by the Greek political class on the anniversary of the Pontic Genocide, the massacre of ethnic Greeks by the Turks during World War I and the subsequent Greek-Turkish war.

Turkish President thanks Ecumenical Patriarch for aid in coronavirus pandemic

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan thanked Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos for the support and donations of the patriarchate, Greek institutions in the city and donors abroad in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, during a call on Wednesday.

Fresh Turkish overflights in eastern Aegean

Two Turkish F-16 fighter jets entered Athens' Flight Information Region (FIR) without submitting a flight plan at 2.19 p.m. Thursday and flew over Oinousses, in the eastern Aegean, at 26,000 feet.

Two minutes later, the two jets flew over Panagia islet at 21,000 feet.

The Turkish aircraft were intercepted by Greek jets in line with international rules of engagement.

Turkish special forces officers fired over Greek military vehicle at border, Kathimerini learns

There is evidence of a sharp increase in aggressive behavior by Turkish security forces in both the Aegean and at the Evros land border, Kathimerini has learned. 

Late on Wednesday, officers of Turkey's special forces fired over a Greek military vehicle that had been stationed on the Greek side of the border, Kathimerini reports.