Greece–Turkey relations

Diamataris takes over as deputy foreign minister for Greeks abroad

Newly appointed Deputy Foreign Minister for Overseas Greeks Antonis Diamataris said he would do whatever possible to further strengthen relations between Greece and expatriate Greeks, whom he has served as an owner and publisher of the National Herald newspaper in the United States.

Playing with fire

The emerging crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean over Turkey's drilling activities in Cyprus' exclusive economic zone (EEZ) raise the prospect of an open Greco-Turkish conflict to a level higher than anytime since the Imia crisis.

Turkish hackers target junior minister’s Instagram account

The Instagram account of Greece's Deputy Sports Minister Giorgos Vasiliadis was hacked by a Turkish group calling itself Anka Neferler Tim on Thursday afternoon.
The hackers posted two photos on Vasiliadis' account, one of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia — a Byzantine-era cathedral that now serves as a museum - and another with the group's logo.

American message with 70 helicopters for Greece

In the latest indication of the strengthening of the US-Greece strategic military relationship, and amidst heightened threats from Turkey in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, the arsenal of the Hellenic Army will be substantially bolstered operationally with the addition of 70 American OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters.

Simitis: Turkey may try to set up new Imia crisis, military on alert

Former Prime Minister Costas Simitis has warned that given the heightened tensions in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, Ankara may try to set up a military clash as it did when he was PM in 1996.

Simitis succeeded a dying Andreas Papandreou after his resignation in mid-January and within days Turkey sent commandos to land on one of the two Imia islets that belong to Greece.

Ex-PM Simitis: A new 'Imia crisis' with Turkey not out of the question

The danger of a "hot incident" with Turkey is ever-present, former Prime Minister Costas Simitis warns in an article in Greek Kathimerini.
Referring to the "Imia crisis" which brought Greece and Turkey to the brink of war a few days after he became Prime Minister in January 1996, Simitis says  that "it is not excluded that the present Turkish leadership has similar designs."