Greece–Turkey border

Greek Police, foreign ministry on alert after Greek policeman arrested in Turkey

Greek Police and the foreign ministry are in a state of alert after a Greek policeman on trip to the city of Edirne was arrested.

The 41-year-old police sergeant is serving in the Feres police precinct in the Greek-Turkish border area of Evros and hails from the village of Antheia.

Sources say the policemen has been arrested, possibly by the Turkish gendarmerie.

Op-ed: «Its the economy, stupid»

By Yannis Kartalis

We are in a period of international tumult as global geopolitical balances have not settled after the end of the bipolar world.

At a time when there is a predominance of authoritarian leaders, untrammelled populism, and dangerous military moves, the overarching question for Greece in terms of security is, "What exactly is Turkey up to?"

New illegal Turkish NAVTEX in the Nautical Geo research area

Turkey, in order to prevent the navigation and the soundings being conducted by the NAUTICAL GEO research vessel, is proceeding with the commitment of the region and naval exercises. The freezing of an area with illegal NAVTEX is from today until October 5.

Ankara blames Greece and Cyprus in advance

Greece Needs More Help from EU on Migrant Issues

Greece needs more EU help on migrant issues in order to be able to stop a potential wave of Afghan asylum-seekers fleeing Taliban rule, PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Sunday. "I will say it again: we cannot have European countries who believe that Greece should resolve this problem alone," he told a news conference.