Hacettepe University

Three Turkish universities enter global higher education 500 list

Over 60 Turkish universities have entered the British magazine Times Higher Education's (THE) "2023 Global Universities Ranking List," with three universities ranking in the top 500.

According to THE's list, the universities of Çankaya, Koç and Sabancı took place in the row between 400 and 500. The three mentioned universities were in the same place on last year's list too.

People lived up to 40 years of age 5,000 years ago

Archaeological excavations at the Küllüoba Mound, which dates back to the first Bronze Age in the Seyitgazi district of the Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir, have unearthed more than 40 burial sites, including women and children, and research has found that people lived there an average life of 40 years 5,000 years ago.


Ankara center trains disabled individuals to perform jobs

The Hacettepe Center for Vocational Rehabilitation in the capital Ankara, which trains individuals with disabilities to improve personal skills and practices that will enable them to find jobs, has so far provided trainings for 150 people with disabilities since its establishment two years ago.

Turkey's first female minister Türkan Akyol dies aged 89

Türkan Akyol, who was the country's first female minister and university rector, died in the capital Ankara on Sept. 7. She was 89.

Professor Akyol, an academic and politician, had been receiving treatment at Hacettepe University Hospital for a while.

Akyol will be laid to rest in the Karşıyaka Cemetery in Ankara on Sept. 8.

Vessels with 'tree of life' motifs found in Turkey's Domuztepe

Excavations in the Domuztepe Mound in the southern province of Kahramanmaraş, considered to be the biggest settlement in the era since the usage of the term "Near East," have unearthed vessels depicting "tree of life" motifs.

The mound is located close to the Kelibişler neighborhood in the Pazarcık district.