Biden administration approves major offshore wind project

The Biden administration approved a new wind project off the Massachusetts coast on April 2 that is large enough it will provide more electricity than the state's former coal-fired generating station.

Avangrid's New England Wind is the United States' eighth large offshore wind project to be greenlit and is tied for the largest ever approved, but will probably be smaller.

Green energy pact between Mytilineos and Karatzis

Mytilineos Energy & Metals said on Tuesday that it has signed a 210-megawatt long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Karatzis SA for the green energy produced by a 262 MW solar portfolio.

According to the announcement, Mytilineos will be able to offtake 80% of the energy produced, further enhancing its green supply basket.

Gas pipe claim at Tempe crash site dismissed by opposition MP as a ‘lie’

A claim by Justice Minister Giorgos Floridis on Wednesday that one of the reasons why the site of last year's railway disaster in Tempe was covered up shortly after the accident was because a gas pipeline runs directly beneath it was dismissed as a "lie" by an opposition MP.

Bulgaria Sees Surge in Solar Power and Coal Plant Decline in 2023 Electricity Report

A remarkable shift in Bulgaria's energy landscape has been unveiled in the latest report from the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation, submitted to the Bulgarian parliament. The data reveals a staggering increase of over 140% in electricity production from photovoltaic plants, accompanied by a significant decline in output from coal-fired power plants in the year 2023.

Second underwater inspection planned in Aegina water pipeline damage investigation

A fresh inspection of the underwater water supply pipeline connecting the island of Aegina, near Athens, to the mainland is scheduled to be conducted in the coming days by the Underwater Missions Unit (MYA) of the Hellenic Coast Guard, Kathimerini has learned.

A Greek island is without drinking water after pipeline damage that authorities blame on sabotage

Residents of the Greek island of Aegina have spent several days without drinkable water running in their homes after an alleged act of sabotage disabled an undersea pipeline from the mainland, authorities in Athens said Tuesday.