Interest rate

Survey forecasts no change in interest rates

Turkey's Central Bank is expected to keep interest rates unchanged next week, according to an Anadolu Agency survey on Aug. 14. 

The eighth monetary policy committee (MPC) meeting of this year will be held on Thursday (Aug. 20) to announce the bank's decision on interest rates.

A majority of 22 economists surveyed by Anadolu Agency forecast no change in interest rates.

Turkish Treasury borrows $471 mln through auction

The Turkish Treasury borrowed 3.2 billion Turkish liras ($471 million) from domestic markets on June 8, said an official statement.

The Treasury and Finance Ministry announced the fixed coupon bonds (semiannually, reopen) were sold in an auction.

The government bonds will be settled on June 10 and mature on May 5, 2022.

FinMinCitu: The 3.3 billion euro loan gives us comfort of financing all expenditure foreseen in budget

We have gone out on the international markets and the interest in Romania has been almost 14 billion euros, of which we have chosen to borrow 3.3 billion euros, the Public Finance Minister Florin Citu said after the government meeting on Wednesday. He specified that the loan offered the possibility of financing expenditure from the budget without any problems.

Turkey's Central Bank cuts interest rates 100 bps

The Central Bank of Turkey on April 22 reduced its one-week repo rate 100 basis points.

The bank's policy rate -- also known as the one-week repo rate -- fell to 8.75% from 9.75%.

The decision came in a statement from the bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting -- the fourth of twelve meetings scheduled for 2020.

The Eurobond dilemma

An agreement between European Union governments and a decision to issue joint Eurobonds, or "corona bonds" as they have been dubbed by the press, are not as straightforward as journalists, pundits and governments campaigning in their favor would have it.