Some 200,000 Iranians flock to eastern city in first half

Around 200,000 Iranian tourists visited the eastern province of Van in the first six months of 2023, providing a great deal of income to the tradesmen of the region.

Van, which received over a million visitors the previous year, is currently witnessing an elevated Iranian tourist density once again, local media reported.

Women defying the Hijab Laws in Iran are being forced into Psychiatric Treatment

Iran's government is sending women for counseling in an effort to enforce regulations requiring them to cover their hair. Healthcare organizations have warned that the country's judiciary is appropriating mental medicine for its own ends, but others have cited the action as evidence that the government is unable to uphold hijab rules, France 24 reported.

Iran has developed a Hypersonic Missile

Iran demonstrated today its first domestically produced hypersonic missile, the governmental IRNA news agency reported. The announcement is expected to heighten Western concerns about Tehran's missile capabilities.

Iranian media published a photo of the missile, dubbed Fatah, from a ceremony attended by President Ebrahim Raisi and senior military officials.

Iran's top leader rules out referendums on divisive issues

Iran's supreme leader on Tuesday ruled out the holding of popular referendums on state policies.

Iran faced calls for a referendum on the Islamic Republic itself during anti-government protests last year, and a moderate former president recently suggested such votes should be held to decide major policies as a way of reducing divisions.

Some 11,000 Iranians visit Van during Nevruz holiday

About 11,000 Iranian tourists who want to spend Nevruz holiday in Türkiye have started to come to the eastern province of Van by entering through Kapıköy Customs Gate over the last 4 days.

Iranian tourists also make a great contribution to Van's economy every year. Families and friend groups who go shopping during the day have fun in entertainment centers in the evening.

Russian war machine grinds to a halt?

Edward Lucas, correspondent of the Economist from Berlin, Moscow, Vienna and the Baltic states, an internationally recognized expert on espionage, subversion, use and abuse of history, in an author's article for Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), writes that sooner or later, the stakeholders in the Russian system will dump Vladimir Putin, blame him for the war and for the painful condi

The Iran wildcard

Late last month, as part of its monitoring of Iran's nuclear program, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported trace amounts of uranium at 84% enrichment. That's important, because 90% enrichment is required to produce a nuclear weapon.