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Turkish forces ‘neutralize’ 32 PKK terrorists in Iraq’s north

The Turkish security forces have "neutralized" 32 terrorists identified as operating on behalf of the PKK terrorist organization in various regions of northern Iraq, the Defense Ministry announced on May 3.

The Turkish forces targeted the terrorists in the Haftanin, Gara, Hakurk and the Operation Claw-Lock zone, the ministry disclosed in a written statement.

Turkish soldier killed in PKK attack in northern Iraq

A Turkish soldier was killed in a harassment and infiltration attempt by the PKK terrorist organization in a cross-border operation zone in northern Iraq, Defense Ministry announced on March 19. 

The written statement said that the PKK terrorists' attempt in the Operation Claw-Lock zone also resulted in the injury of four Turkish soldiers.

4 PKK terrorists ‘neutralized’ in northern Iraq

Turkish security forces "neutralized" four PKK terrorists in the Gara region in northern Iraq with an air operation, the Defense Ministry has announced.

"Four PKK terrorists detected in the Gara region in northern Iraq were 'neutralized' through an airstrike. Our operations will continue unabated," the ministry said in a written statement on social media on Feb. 25.

17 PKK terrorists ‘neutralized’ in northern Iraq, Syria

The Turkish security forces "neutralized" 17 PKK terrorists in the Operation Claw-Lock area in northern Iraq and several other operation areas in Syria's north, the Defense Ministry has announced.

In a written statement on X on Jan. 21, the ministry noted that the Turkish forces conducted an airstrike targeting the 10 terrorists in the operation area.