Israel–Hamas war

US calls for 'immediate ceasefire' in Gaza

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris urged an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, upping the pressure on key ally Israel as heavy fighting raged in the Palestinian territory.

Harris's comments on Sunday, the most forceful to date by a U.S. administration official, came as Washington led a push to lock in a truce before Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month that begins in around one week.

Hamas says Gaza truce possible 'within 24 to 48 hours' if Israel accepts terms

Delegations from Hamas, Qatar and the United States have arrived in Egypt "to resume a new round of negotiations" for a truce in the Gaza war, state-linked Al-Qahera News reported Sunday.
A senior Hamas official told AFP on Sunday that a ceasefire in Gaza may be secured "within 24 to 48 hours" if Israel accepts the Palestinian group's demands in ongoing talks.

Blockade. Americans are determined

The report would blame Israeli forces for opening fire on Palestinians waiting for food and other humanitarian aid deliveries near Gaza City and killing more than 100 people.
Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour told reporters after an emergency closed session of the UN Security Council that 14 out of 15 Security Council members supported the statement, according to AP.

US Blocks UN Resolution on Gaza Convoy Tragedy

In a move that has sparked controversy and drawn widespread attention, the United States has exercised its veto power to block a UN Security Council resolution that sought to hold Israeli security forces accountable for the recent tragedy involving a humanitarian convoy in Gaza. The incident, marked by shooting and stampede, resulted in the deaths of over 100 individuals.

Journalists Demand Unrestricted Access to Gaza for Foreign Media

A coalition of over 50 journalists, primarily representing British media outlets, has issued an open plea to both Israel and Egypt, advocating for unrestricted entry to Gaza for foreign journalists. The signatories include well-known figures such as Jeremy Bowen and Mishal Husain from the BBC.