Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Turkey’s Erdogan says US, Europe not doing enough to pressure Israel into Gaza truce

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that the United States and European countries were not doing enough to pressure Israel to agree a ceasefire in Gaza, after Palestinian militant group Hamas' move to accept a truce proposal.

EU Nations Consider Recognizing Palestinian Statehood

Spain, Ireland, and other EU nations are intending to acknowledge Palestine's statehood on May 21, as stated by Josep Borrell, the EU's top diplomat for foreign and security policy, reported by Reuters. This announcement comes ahead of the anticipated UN vote on the Palestinian bid for full membership in the global body.

Erdogan criticizes EU policies amid Gaza conflict

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that policies enacted by "certain countries and institutions since the start of the Gaza conflict have shaken faith in the European Union."

In his address marking Europe Day, Erdogan underscored that these policies during the Gaza conflict have eroded trust in European values.

Israeli claims of Ankara easing trade ban 'fictional’: Minister

Turkish Trade Minister Ömer Bolat has dismissed Israeli claims of Türkiye easing its trade ban on Israel, labeling them as "absolutely fictional and disconnected from reality."

In a social media post on May 9, Bolat stressed that Türkiye will maintain the trade ban until a lasting ceasefire in Gaza is achieved and humanitarian aid is ensured to the war-torn Palestinian enclave.

US Warns Israel: Arms Deliveries Halted in Response to Military Operation

In a significant development that underscores growing tensions in the Middle East, President Joe Biden has issued a stern warning to Israel, announcing the halt of certain weapons deliveries if a military operation proceeds in the Palestinian territory of Rafah.

Erdoğan vows to hold Israel accountable for Gaza actions

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared that Türkiye will use all available means to hold Israel accountable for its actions in Gaza.

"We will use all our means to hold those who claimed the lives of 35,000 of our brothers accountable before the law," Erdoğan said during an event in the capital Ankara on May 6.

Israel’s economy braces for major hit after Turkish ban: Report

Türkiye's recent decision to halt all its trade relations with Israel is poised to impact Israeli consumers with sudden price hikes in a short period of time, as Tel Aviv, taken by "complete surprise," failed to devise alternative import measures, an Israeli media report has said.