Ivica Dačić

"Dacic plans to interfere in US domestic politics"

"The Serbian Foreign Minister plans to interfere in US domestic politics by rallying Serbian Americans to support Trump in 2020", stated Michael Carpenter, former Foreign Policy Advisor of the US Vice President Joseph Biden, present candidate of the Democratic Party for the president, on his Twitter account, quoting Dacic's statement.

Dacic: Central African Republic has withdrawn recognition of Kosovo's independence

"The Central African Republic became the fourteenth country that clarified its position that it does not recognize the independence of Kosovo,", Dacic said on the RTS. He presented an official note that he received last night from CAR, a country he visited last year and met with its president on that occasion.

"I will not disclose the name of the 14th state set to revoke Kosovo's recognition"

Dacic refused to reveal the identity of that country until Belgrade gets official note on this, he explained.
"Now, Pristina is not sure who to contact", Dacic added on a press conference, after the meeting with the Foreign Affairs Minister of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada.