Identity Geopolitics: Nation, Faith and the Roma of Western Thrace

The house was in a sprawl of cinder-block shanties on the eastern edge of the town. Two Greek flags hung near the approach. Beyond them lay the Muslim cemetery. The women served coffee, accompanied by the usual jokes about whether to call it Greek or Turkish. The correct term, of course, depended on where you happened to be.

Greece-Bulgaria gas pipeline deal submitted to Parliament in Athens

An agreement between Greece and Bulgaria concerning the IGB natural gas pipeline project (Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria) was tabled in the Greek Parliament on Tuesday.

The agreement includes mutual commitments for the construction of the gas pipeline and for the transportation of gas after the project has been completed.

Bulgaria-Greece Gas Interconnector Changes Balkan Gas Supplies Map

The upcoming 31 December will remain a key date in the history of gas supplies in Bulgaria, for the first time in our recent history our country will start deliveries of natural gas from a new source - Azerbaijan. Deliveries are planned to be carried out via the new gas connection between Bulgaria and Greece, which will be completed in the next few months.

Girl dies in Roma camp fire near Komotini

The fire service was on Friday investigating the cause of a blaze that broke out at a Roma camp on the outskirts of Komotini, in northern Greece, at around midnight on Thursday and which led to the death of a 7-year-old girl.
A team of 11 firefighters and five engines were dispatched to the scene in response to reports of a fire and found the girl's charred body.