LGBT tourism

The impasses of Mykonos

The presence of the Greek authorities on Mykonos to conduct inspections is necessary. However, the situation is not going to change substantially if the local community is not mobilized and if the local businesses do not realize the impasses created by anarchic development. 

It is also in their own interest to find and respect legal limits.

Why Mykonos is heading for a second year of tourism decline

The figures so far show that this season will be exceptionally good for Greek tourism. However, this does not seem to be the case for Mykonos, which for the second consecutive year is showing that it will have fewer visitors.

Data show a fresh reduction, not only in bookings, but also in available airline seats.

A step forward

The stringent measures and fines announced by the government to safeguard the country's beaches must be effectively enforced by a mechanism capable of promptly identifying and addressing violations.

Top court rules in favor of Mykonos tourist investment

Although it pulled the plug on a marina which would accompany a tourist development in Kalo Livadi on Mykonos, the Council of State rejected two other appeals against the project, ruling that it was correct to exclude large tourist investments from the general suspension of issuing new building permits for tourist units in areas of the island outside planning zones.