Low-carbon economy

Helleniq Renewables acquires 180MW solar parks from Lightsource in northern Greece

Helleniq Renewables, a wholly owned subsidiary of Helleniq Energy, has announced the acquisition of solar parks with a total capacity of 180 megawatts from the UK's Lightsource near Kozani, in northern Greece.

Helleniq Renewables plans to expand its renewable energy capacity from the current 356 MW to 1 GW by 2025, and over 2 GW by 2030.

Helleniq clinches subsidies for energy storage

Helleniq Renewables has succeeded in obtaining investment subsidies for three energy storage facilities in its Thessaloniki facilities, with a total power of 100 MW.

The facilities will be connected to the national power grid and their operation licenses are for 25 years.

Investment in the three facilities will be subsidized to the tune of €200,000 per MW.

EU’s carbon tax to impact countries, including Türkiye: Experts

The European Union's major trading partners, including Türkiye, will be impacted by the bloc's carbon tax, experts have said.

The competition will intensify for the nations which are slow in preparations to comply with the carbon tax regulations, such as Türkiye, China, India, the U.S., the U.K. and Canada, they warned.