The trap of the routine

Maybe we don't understand how much everything around us seems to be losing its momentum and cheapening, and I hope we don't suddenly realize it by some "accident." Lawlessness is a widespread phenomenon and, worst of all, no one has any answers for how you deal with it.

Eradicating organized crime

The recent police operations in the wake of last week's mob-style killing in the Athens suburb of Neos Kosmos reveal that criminal networks thrive on specific sources of illegal wealth, including the smuggling of fuels and tobacco. 

The mafia prospers in areas where the state has consistently failed to establish control, despite the significant cost to the public treasury.

Drain the source

The video of the latest murder of a prominent member of the Greek Mafia is more than shocking. 

It will be unthinkable if Greek society and the state get used to this routine which is often swept under the rug with the excuse that it is just gangs "settling their scores." 

Communicating vessels

It is a common secret from Russia to Latin America and from Eastern Europe to the Western Balkans that hooliganism and common crime often tread common ground; that hard-line associations of fans of the rituals of war and violence are sometimes the reservoirs from which extremist formations and organized crime recruit executioners.

Spanish Police Nab Bulgarian Mafia Leader in Sevilla Football Club Extortion Case

Spanish authorities apprehended Ivo "El Bulgaro," the alleged head of the notorious Bulgarian mafia group "Rompecostillas" (Bone Crushers), in connection with an extortion attempt targeting a Sevilla football club executive, as reported by Telecinco TV.

Police arrest 18 int'l crime ring members

Turkish police have dismantled the notorious international criminal organization Comanchero, arresting 18 of its alleged members.

The arrests come after a joint effort by Turkish law enforcement agencies to apprehend individuals involved in a wide range of criminal activities, including drug trafficking, murder, armed robbery, arson, kidnapping and global money laundering.

Italian anti-mafia photographer Battaglia dies aged 87

Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia, whose shots of bullet-riddled bodies captured the dark world of the Sicilian Mafia, has died aged 87.

Prize-winning Battaglia, who would speed to the scene of murders in the 1980s on her Vespa to bear witness to the violence, blew away the romanticized and sanitized image of Cosa Nostra.