Medusa mosaic reopens to visitors

The Medusa mosaic and the Odeon stoa floor mosaic in the ancient city of Kibyra in the southern province of Burdur are now open to visitors again. The artifacts, which remain closed during the winter months for protection against climatic conditions, will be open to visitors until the end of November.

Medusa head found in ancient city

A medusa head sculpture, dating back to the first or second century, has been discovered during archaeological works in the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium in the northwestern province of Düzce.

Medusa is known as a female monstrous creature that has snakes in place of hair. It is believed that those who gazed into her eyes had turned to stone.

Excavations begin anew in 'pirate city'

Teams digging in an ancient city on Turkey?s Mediterranean coast that was once home to pirates discover a variety of artifacts, including anchors and a bath Once a hub for pirate activity, the ancient city of Antiocheia Ad Cragnum in Antalya?s Gazipa?a district is now undergoing renewed excavations that is shedding new light on the history of the area.