NATO Survey: Half of Bulgarians do not want to Protect an Ally

Just over 50% of Bulgarians do not want to defend a NATO ally if it is attacked. Over 10% do not want NATO to protect them if Bulgaria is attacked.

These and other data show a sociological survey from November 2022 among the 30 member countries of the alliance plus Sweden and Finland.

The Countries for Collective Purchase of Ammunition are Now 24 - Bulgaria is Not Among Them

The number of countries participating in the European Defense Agency (EDA) coordinated munitions collective purchase project announced a week ago has reached 24.

Among them are 23 countries from the European Union and Norway. Bulgaria does not participate.

At the end of last week, five more countries joined the original 18 countries:

It is already Clear that Bulgarian Ammunition will reach Ukraine

"Bulgarian ammunition will reach Ukraine, although not directly, and this is already clear to everyone," commented the director of the Sofia Security Forum Yordan Bozhilov on the Bulgarian National Television.

He pointed out that our country has one of the largest available old Soviet-type arsenals - weapons and ammunition.

US should find a formula for F-16 sale to Türkiye: Kalın

The United Stated administration should generate a formula to overcome the congressional blockage in front of the sale of F-16 warplanes to Türkiye, a senior Turkish official said, rejecting any attempt to introduce conditionality, including the Swedish accession to NATO, to this procurement.

Brnabic: We will never forget NATO aggression

BELGRADE - We will never forget the 1999 NATO aggression, Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said on Friday.

"Today, we mark 24 years since NATO aggression, committed against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro). We will never forget," Brnabic wrote in a post on her Twitter account that also included video footage of the 1999 NATO campaign.

24 years since the NATO attack; Growing number of people gather in Sombor PHOTO/VIDEO

In Serbia, the Day of Remembrance for those killed in NATO aggression is being celebrated, and the central manifestation, which will be attended by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, is being held in Sombor. During 78 days, roads, commercial facilities, health facilities, media houses, monuments and military facilities were severely damaged.

Jovanovic: NATO aggression was aimed at land-grabbing of Serbian territory

BELGRADE - The objective of the 1999 NATO aggression on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) was not a resolution of any humanitarian or political issue, but land-grabbing of Serbian territory, and the decision to go ahead with it had been made long before, says former Serbian diplomat Zivadin Jovanovic, who was FM of the FRY at the time.

Aggression on Serbia ongoing, but by different means - conference

BELGRADE - The 1999 NATO aggression on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia failed to accomplish its war objectives, so the aggression on Serbia is ongoing, but by different means, through Western efforts to push the so-called Kosovo into international organisations, a Belgrade conference was told on Thursday.