Greece working to strengthen regional security, Apostolakis says

Regional peace and security are among Greece's key foreign policy objectives, the country's newly-installed Defense Minister Evangelos Apostolakis has said.

Apostolakis was speaking in the wake of a NATO ministerial meeting in Brussels during which he held talks with his counterparts from Turkey and North Macedonia, as well as the chief of the transatlantic alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

North Macedonia finally takes its seat at NATO

North Macedonia's defense minister, Radmila Sekerinska, says she's filled with pride as her country takes a seat at NATO's table for the first time.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday at a meeting of NATO defense ministers, Sekerinska said North Macedonia has "shown that change is possible if you have the right amount of political leadership."

"Example of unique and exemplary civic courage"

These soldiers, serving with Nazi Germanys Waffen SS, very likely took part in atrocities, including the mass murder of Jews, the report said.

Zuroff praised the determination of the National Archives of Finland to release the results, even if they were "painful and uncomfortable" for that country, and said it was "an example of unique and exemplary civic courage."

Deputy PM: If Macedonia Wants to be a Full Member of NATO and the EU, it Should Abide by its Commitments to Bulgaria and Greece

If Macedonia wants to be a full member of NATO and the EU, it should abide by the commitments it has made to Bulgaria and Greece, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov told Focus Radio.