Afghan Refugee Journalists Keep Free Press Alive From Albania

Seventeen Afghan journalists sheltering in Albania following the Taliban takeover are working away from home for two Afghan newspapers that they continue to produce online, Etilaat e Roz (Kabul Now) and Hasht e Subh (8am Daily).

For now, they are working from the rooms in the hotels where they are staying, while preparing a room which will serve as a joint office and newsroom.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Children from 1st to 4th Grade can Return to Class in 7 to 10 days

The return of children to school should take place in stages, first - 1st-4th grade. This could happen in 7 to 10 days if the Ministry of Finance provides the necessary funds for tests for children and parents agree to be tested, said Health Minister Dr.

By fleeing war, they were greeted by the German bureaucracy, facing legal uncertainty

They face with legal uncertainty, while their legal status remains unclear.
"It was really disastrous," Abdul said of his first hearing. For years, that Afghan worked in Kabul for German institutions. He speaks excellent German. When he had to flee the Taliban in August, he hoped to be welcomed in Germany. However, he encountered difficulties.

Moscow will Host a Meeting with the Taliban on Afghanistan Today

Moscow will host today an international meeting on Afghanistan with the participation of the Taliban, AFP reported.

The agency notes that Russia, which presents itself as a guarantor of stability in Central Asia, will use the forum to signal to the Islamist movement its concern about the rise of jihadist groups, and will stress the danger of a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

MHP leader warns of alliances within NATO against Turkey

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli on Oct. 19 accused a group of NATO members of creating alliances against Turkey.

"Greece is forming a front against Turkey by establishing alliances in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean," he said at his party's parliamentary group meeting, pointing at the fact that the neighboring country recently ramped up its armament.