The road ahead for Modi and India

Though his party didn't win the landslide victory he hoped for, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has secured a rare third five-year term as India's prime minister. It wasn't an easy win. High inflation and unemployment helped a more unified opposition portray Modi as too cozy with big business to cut into the victory margin of his BJP-led alliance.

India polls open with Modi heavily favoured

India began voting Friday in a six-week election with an all but assured victory for Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as a weakened opposition is pushed to the sidelines.

A total of 968 million people are eligible to take part in the world's biggest vote — a staggering logistical exercise that critics say follows a concerted effort to delegitimise rivals.

Indian prime minister uses G20 summit to advertise global reach, court voters at home

Major roads in New Delhi are teeming with giant posters and billboards announcing India's presidency of this week's summit of the Group of 20 nations. And one leader's picture — smiling benignly from every traffic circle — stands out from the rest: Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Greece is India’s ‘gateway’ into the EU

It took 40 years for an Indian prime minister to visit Athens, since Indira Gandhi came to Greece in September 1983. Narendra Modi represents a very different country today compared to what India was in the 1980s. It is now an emerging, rapidly developing superpower, which aspires to lead the countries of the Global South in a multipolar world.