Money laundering

Cryptocurrency gains targeted

The Finance Ministry and tax authorities are preparing to create a framework for the taxation of cryptocurrencies, with the establishment of the relevant committee being the first step. The difficulties mainly concern monitoring trade, as those who sell cryptocurrencies are unknown. At the moment the focus, until rules are put in place, is on the fight against money laundering.

Major police operation; 19 people got arrested in Belgrade

As the Kurir writes, referring to its sources, they are suspected of money laundering. According to unofficial information, the owners of private companies and agencies were arrested.
Blic, on the other hand, learns that the detainees are suspected of having laundered over 350 million dinars and are charged with the criminal offense of money laundering.

Lithuania's Cryptocurrency Surge Raises Concerns for Regulators Amid Money Laundering Fears

Lithuania finds itself at the forefront of cryptocurrency expansion within the EU, boasting one of the largest counts of crypto companies. However, this surge has prompted regulators to sound the alarm, citing concerns about potential misuse for money laundering and criminal endeavors, as reported by Latvian public electronic media.

Legal reform to include regulation on influencers

Amid the investigations into money laundering and tax evasion targeting numerous influencers, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP)'s comprehensive 60-article judiciary bill to be submitted in the upcoming year will include regulations addressing high-profile accounts suspected of criminal activities.

Ministry forms team to spot financial misconduct among influencers

In the wake of the high-profile arrest of Turkish influencer Dilan Polat and her husband on charges of money laundering and tax evasion, the Treasury and Finance Ministry has established a team to investigate social media figures.

The move comes as authorities intensify efforts to combat financial crimes within the influencer community.