Vazrazhdane MPs cannot be Punished for Entering Parliament without a Green Certificate

In the end, the National Assembly has no reason to impose any property sanction, nor is there the option of not allowing MPs to the building because they do not want to show a green certificate at the entrance.

This was stated in an interview with BNT by Parliament Speaker Nikola Minchev. His comment is about the behavior of the Vazrazhdane deputies.

Blinken warns immediately upon arrival: Possible attack

Blinken immediately warned that Russia could carry out the attack "in a very short time".
"As you all know, in the last few months we have been engaged in an intensive focus on Ukraine due to the significant accumulation of Russian forces we saw near the Ukrainian border," Blinken said in a conversation with Ukrainian diplomats at the US Embassy in Kiev, Reuters reports.

Watchmaker repairs 16th-century vintage watches, clocks in Yozgat

Yalçın Meral, an antique watch enthusiast in the central Anatolian province of Yozgat, reproduces and repairs the missing or damaged pieces of antique pocket watches designed by British and French watchmakers during the 16th-century Ottoman period.

Meral works for weeks or even months to hear the "tick-tock" sound from antique watches, which are over 4 centuries old.