No more delicious ladera?

Consumers out shopping for a bottle of olive oil at the supermarket during the recent heatwave would hardly have thought that the prematurely high temperatures of mid-June - a phenomenon that is increasing in frequency - would affect its price. They probably wouldn't make the connection between the weather and chocolate bars, which have also become more expensive, or coffee or wine.

'Stress test': Olive oil producers adapt to climate change

Olive oil producers are improving irrigation and seeking new varieties of olives to safeguard production as climate change upends harvests, causing prices of the staple of the Mediterranean diet to soar.

"Climate change is already a reality and we need to adapt to it," according to the executive director of the International Olive Council (IOC) Jaime Lillo.

Exploring the treasures of an overlooked Attica suburb

Olive trees in their hundreds and thousands stretch as far as the eye can see in the area between Mount Pateras - an extension of Parnitha - and Corinthia's Geraneia range in West Attica. Not many people know this, but the Greek capital's oldest living olive grove is in Megara and, more specifically, in Kapsalos.

Balıkesir uses latest tech to preserve olive trees

A comprehensive effort to safeguard olive trees unfolds in the northwestern province of Balıkesir as approximately 180,000 olive trees in 1,750 parcels of land have been taken under protection by the General Directorate of Foundations after meticulous aerial and ground tracking using the latest technology.