Two 80-something journalists tried ChatGPT. Then, they sued to protect the ‘written word’

GRAFTON, Massachusetts - When two octogenarian buddies named Nick discovered that ChatGPT might be stealing and repurposing a lifetime of their work, they tapped a son-in-law to sue the companies behind the artificial intelligence chatbot.

Candidate arrested for cheating using AI in university exam

A test taker was arrested after he was caught attempting to cheat during Türkiye's mass university entrance examination using high-tech gadgets.

The incident occurred during the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT) on June 8, revealing the lengths some are willing to go to secure university admission.

Apple partners with OpenAI as it unveils 'Apple Intelligence'

Apple has unveiled "Apple Intelligence," its suite of new AI features for its coveted devices and a partnership with OpenAI as it seeks to catch up to rivals racing ahead on adopting the white hot technology.

For months, pressure has been on Apple to persuade doubters on its AI strategy, after Microsoft and Google rolled out products in rapid-fire succession.

Reddit gives OpenAI access to its wealth of posts

OpenAI will have access to Reddit data for training its artificial intelligence models and will put its technology to work at the popular discussion platform, the companies said Thursday.

Reddit, which debuted on the New York Stock Exchange earlier this year, has been seeking to capitalize on the value of exchanges in its varied discussion groups as it seeks to improve revenues.

In major change, Google to use AI-generated answers in search results

Google on Tuesday said it would introduce AI-generated answers to online queries, in one of the biggest changes to its world leading search engine in 25 years.

"I'm excited to announce that we will begin launching this fully revamped experience, 'AI overviews,' to everyone in the U.S. this week," Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said at an event in California.