Organized crime

Six indicted in social security scam

Greek police said Tuesday they had unraveled a criminal gang that made false insurance policies for people around the country that enabled them to avoid paying social insurance contributions to the state.
The gang had reportedly been active since at least 2001 and police said the scams, which involved fake hirings by fake companies, cost the Greek state more than 15.5 million euros.

More than a Tonne of Cocaine Was Found in a Banana Container in Italy

More than one tonne of cocaine was seized from a banana container at the port of Gioia Tauro in the southern Italian region of Calabria. This was announced by Italian carabinieri and the financial police, BTA reported.

The container was traveling from South America and had to reach Germany. The drug found in it, totaling 1.2 tonnes, could be sold for at least EUR 250 million. 

Man gunned down in western Athens, in critical condition

A man who was gunned down in his car in the western Athenian suburb of Haidari on Tuesday, in a possible organized crime turf war, is in critical condition at the capital's Attiko general hospital.
The businessman is believed to be involved in illegal gambling activities and may have been targeted by a rival gang, initial investigations have indicated.