Plastic pollution

10 Million Tonnes of Recycled Plastic Will Be Used for the Production of New Products by 2025

More than 100 public and private sector partners operating throughout the plastic value chain will sign the Alliance's Declaration on the Circular Use of Plastics (Circular Plastics Alliance), which promotes voluntary action to support a well-functioning EU recycled plastics market .

Thousands of Plastic Bags Were Removed From the Sea Near Greek Island

Volunteers compare the extent of the contamination to coral reefs made of plastic, writes NOVA TV. 

Divers from an international non-governmental organization have removed thousands of plastic bags from the water off the Greek island of Andros. Volunteers compare the extent of the contamination to coral reefs made of plastic.

Ocean Warming Brings the Great White Sharks in European Waters

Warmer waters off the coast of Devon and Cornwall could result in more sightings of the fearsome ocean predator in the coming decades. 

There are already 40 different species and an estimated 10 million sharks in our waters - but that number could be set to grow over the coming decades.

New Zealand Bans Disposable Plastic Bags

More than 80 countries have already introduced similar bans, writes NOVA TV. 

New Zealand officially banned disposable plastic bags, introducing heavy fines for companies that continue to provide them.

Plastic pollution has become a growing global concern, with a million birds and more than 100,000 marine mammals injured or killed each year.

UN: By 2050, There Will be More Plastic in the Seas Than Fish

According to a UN report, 30% of fish are already poisoned by plastic, and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the seas than fish. 

How many times have we been out of the store with a plastic bag, and later we are loosing it without thinking that it will remain on our planet longer than us?

The UN Wants to Fight more Intensively with the Pollution from Plastic Waste

UN Secretary-General Ecuadorian Maria Fernanda Espinosa announced her intention to step up the collective fight against the pollution caused by plastic waste, which affects people all over the planet. 

"80 percent of plastics end up in the oceans, between 8 and 12 million tons each year," said Espinosa at a press conference.