Politics of North Macedonia

Milestone Moment: North Macedonia Appoints First Albanian Prime Minister

In a historic turn of events, North Macedonia is set to have its first-ever Albanian prime minister. Today, the parliament will convene for an extraordinary meeting to vote on the caretaker government responsible for organizing the upcoming spring elections in the country.

US official voices hope North Macedonia will proceed with EU membership bid

A senior US State Department official on Friday voiced hope that North Macedonia will be able to approve politically difficult constitutional changes that would help its bid to join the European Union.

Gabriel Escobar, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Balkan policy, said during talks in the capital Skopje that the US strongly backs the country's EU accession bid.

Analysts predict that North Macedonia may Fall Behind in EU Membership Negotiations

A political crisis in the Republic of North Macedonia after debates on constitutional changes ended inconclusively and a vote on them was postponed indefinitely. MPs in Skopje debated whether to change their basic law, including whether Bulgarians should be included in the constitution. According to analysts, North Macedonia risks seriously falling behind in negotiations with the EU.

Party Games? In North Macedonia, Judges’ Promotions Depend on ‘Connections’

Wanted: excellent social climbing skills

"You failed with VMRO and you failed with the SDSM." This is what a judge from Skopje was told by people close to her, referring to North Macedonia's two main parties, VMRO-DPMNE and the Social Democrats.

Germany Recognized the Macedonian Language, Identity and Culture

Last night, the German Bundestag voted on a resolution that unequivocally recognizes the Macedonian language, identity and culture, Thomas Hacker, an MP from the Free Democratic Party, told Deutsche Welle.

The resolution was introduced by the parliamentary groups of the three parties in the governing coalition - the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals.