Post–civil rights era in African-American history

Podgorica is awake tonight: Police cordon in front of the Temple, one person detained

One of those gathered was detained, and the police cordon is near the Temple.
The police prevented physical contact between the protesting citizens and those who support the organization of the film screening on the Boulevard in front of the Temple at around 9.30 pm, Vijesti reports, and RTS reports.

Teen who recorded Floyd’s arrest, death wins Pulitzer nod

The teenager who pulled out her cellphone and began recording when she saw George Floyd being pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police officer was given a special citation by the Pulitzer Prizes on June 11 for her video that helped to launch a global movement to protest racial injustice.

US: Former Policeman Chauvin Found Guilty of Murder in George Floyd's Death

Former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts Tuesday for causing George Floyd's death, a verdict that could send him disgraced former policeman to prison for the rest of his life.

He was convicted of second- and third-degree murder, as well as second-degree manslaughter.

Now he faces up to 75 years in prison when he returns for sentencing in eight weeks.