New Criminal Code from 1 May - Florides: When we say prison, we mean it...

See which offences lead to prison - The Minister of Justice in Thema: From May Day, the new philosophy of our penal system, of 'applied rather than fictitious punishment' will be tested - Part of the prison sentence will be served even for misdemeanours punishable by more than 2 years

Norwegian Inspiration: Bulgaria's Move Towards Environmentally Friendly Prisons

Bulgaria has taken its first strides toward the establishment of environmentally conscious prisons, announced the Justice Ministry on Thursday. Exploring the Norwegian model, Bulgarian authorities are considering training both inmates and staff in Belene and Pleven prisons to acquire skills and knowledge in the green economy.

Government fast-tracks construction of prisons for 3,000 inmates

In an effort to ensure the effective implementation of its announced reforms in the field of criminal justice - particularly the regulation stating that penalties exceeding three years, for all offenses, will now be served - the government is working on a plan to establish new prisons nationwide.