Public administration

Gov't okays expenses on Integrated electronic system of Trade Register

The Government approved, in its Wednesday's meeting, the substantiation note regarding the necessity and the opportunity to carry out the expenses related to the 'Integrated electronic system of the National Office of the Trade Register', meant to reduce the bureaucracy and the time dedicated to the registration process of companies in the Trade Register.

Return to meritocracy

There is a glaring contradiction in the way the country's political forces treat public administration: On the one hand, they denounce the appointment of inactive party officials to positions in the public administration. On the other, they seek to "criminalize" any remuneration to officials in the broader public sector deemed to be above average.

Editorial: Promises and the invincible monster

One would expect that in a normal, well-governed country the role of the state and of public services would be to serve citizens.

Unfortunately, ever since the establishment of the Greek state in 1830 that has not been the case.

Every Greek citizen has suffered the martyrdom of dealing with a monstrous and constantly expanding bureaucracy. CAF Correspondents from European Public Administration Network meet in Bucharest

National CAF Correspondents from the European Public Administration Network - EUPAN on Monday met at the Parliament Palace, the event being organised in the context in which Romania is currently holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Bulgarian Cabinet Reports 89% Implementation of the Plan to Reduce Barriers to Business

The government adopted a final report by the end of 2018 on the implementation of the third Action Plan to reduce administrative burdens for businesses, "with 30 percent of the legislation selected," the government's press service said.