Mountain Rescuers Aid Lost Boys in Vitosha

During the last 24 hours, mountain rescue teams carried out two operations. In the first instance, assistance was rendered to two 16-year-old boys in Vitosha who were ill-prepared for the mountain's conditions and season. Venturing towards Mount Aleko, they strayed off the trail, reaching a point where they couldn't proceed and contacted emergency services at 112.

Celebrate Bulgaria's National Liberation Day with a Journey on the Historic Holiday Train!

A special holiday train will travel from Septemvri Station to Yakoruda and from Yakoruda to Septemvri Station to commemorate Bulgaria's National Liberation Day on March 3rd. This tradition of celebrating the holiday with a train journey along the narrow-gauge railway has become well-established.

Caution Advised: Heavy Snowfall Triggers Orange Alert Across Bulgaria

Bulgaria is currently under an orange weather warning for heavy snow, drifts, and black ice in 14 regions across Western, Northern, and Southern Bulgaria. The rest of the country faces a yellow weather alert, with snow cover expected to range from 10 to 30 centimeters in regions affected by adverse weather conditions.

Weather in Bulgaria: Rain in some places - Clouds will reduce later in the day

Today in the morning hours there will still be rain showers in places in Western Bulgaria, but they will stop and even before noon the clouds from the west-southwest will begin to break up and decrease, and by the evening they will also decrease over Eastern Bulgaria.