Time to grow up

This year's European Parliament elections are perhaps the most important event for the bloc since the European Single Currency Agreement. For the first time in many years, the European Union finds itself at a double crossroads. One concerns its geopolitical orientation, as it finds itself faced with two wars in its wider neighborhood - in Ukraine and in the Middle East.

NATO meets as pressure grows to let Ukraine hit Russia

NATO foreign ministers meet in Prague on Thursday in the face of growing calls for leading allies to lift restrictions stopping Kiev from using Western weapons to strike inside Russia.

The two-day gathering in the Czech capital is meant to focus on efforts to hammer out a package of support for Ukraine at NATO's summit in Washington in July.

Brussels Urges Major Companies to Cease Advertising in Pro-Kremlin Media in Bulgaria

Brussels has called upon 15 prominent companies, including Lidl, Coca-Cola, and L'Oréal, to halt their advertising campaigns in pro-Kremlin media outlets across Bulgaria. This directive, outlined in a letter from European Parliament members, aims to curb the spread of harmful misinformation and propaganda.

Microsoft Detects Russian Online Campaigns Targeting US Presidential Election

Аhead of the impending US presidential election, tech giant Microsoft has uncovered Russian online campaigns aimed at influencing American voters, as reported by "Reuters". The findings shed light on ongoing efforts to sow discord within the United States' political landscape, raising alarm bells about potential interference in the democratic process.

The ‘national mourning’ that never was: Combating fake news in Erdogan’s Turkey

Turkey is definitely not one of those countries that excel as standard-bearers when it comes to balanced reporting and media freedoms or media literacy. On the contrary, it usually appears in the international press for its - many - media deficiencies, whether it be censorship cases, propaganda-induced fake news or media ownership concentration issues.