Santa Claus

Thessaloniki, where Santa Claus is SUPing to town

Santa may be about to don his big red suit, hitch up the reindeer to the sleigh and take off from the icy north pole, but things are done a little differently in Thessaloniki.

Bringing some festive cheer to the northern city, over 30 people on SUPs took to the waters of the Thermaic Gulf on Saturday dressed in Santa outfits.

Bulgaria Celebrates St. Nicholas Day: A Tradition of Faith and Festivity

Bulgarians across the country observed the Day of Saint Nicholas on December 6, known as Nikulden, commemorating the revered figure of St. Nicholas of Myra. Originating from Patara in Asia Minor in the 3rd century, St. Nicholas led a pious life, aiding the destitute and weak while embodying the principles of faith and truth.

When is St Nicholas Day? And how did this Christian saint inspire the Santa Claus legend?

The white-bearded Christian saint whose acts of generosity inspired America's secular Santa Claus figure is known worldwide - but Saint Nicholas' origin story is not.

The legends surrounding jolly old St Nicholas - celebrated annually on December 6 - go way beyond delivering candy and toys to children.


Christmas Factory | Athens | November 25 – January 6

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Christmas Factory at Technopolis ( For this special occasion, Santa and his trusty elves will be going all out with live shows, an amusement park, an ice rink, face-painting and storytelling sessions, stilt walkers, festive dancing and delicious treats.