New and Dangerous Trend: Intentionally Getting Infected with COVID-19

Martin does not trust politicians - neither the numbers they mention nor the data they share. He reads the newspapers, but he likes the "alternative information" he finds in telegram chats more. As soon as he heard that the coronavirus vaccine was being worked on, his first thought was that he would not get it.

French Netflix show 'Call My Agent' nets International Emmy

French showbiz comedy "Call My Agent" won an award at the International Emmy's on Nov. 22after riding a wave of popularity on the global streaming giant Netflix.

Launched in France in 2015 under the title "Ten Percent," the show has become an international hit as "Call My Agent," charting the ups and downs of the lives of actors and their agents in Paris.

EU Observers Say Kosovo Voters Misled by ‘Opaque’ Facebook Pages

The EU Election Observation Mission said on Tuesday that non-transparent Facebook pages were responsible for "manipulative interference" in Sunday's mayoral election run-off contests, spreading misinformation about rival parties and candidates, although the polls were well-organised.