Balkan Drivers Find Viber Handy in Avoiding Police

Kosovo Police arrested two person on Wednesday suspected to be the creators of the Radar group on Viber, used by thousands of citizens to avoid the police controls and speeding fines across the country.

A group of more than 7,000 people joined a group over the past months whose members sent updates to each other about the location of the police in real time.

Zuckerberg: Facebook Can't Censor the Internet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the leading social network is struggling to find ways to deal with "deepfake" videos that have the potential to cheat and manipulate users on a massive scale.

Zuckerberg said that Facebook is trying to determine whether "fakes" are different from disinformation and added that "there is a lot of evidence that they are," AFP reported.

Turkish hackers target junior minister’s Instagram account

The Instagram account of Greece's Deputy Sports Minister Giorgos Vasiliadis was hacked by a Turkish group calling itself Anka Neferler Tim on Thursday afternoon.
The hackers posted two photos on Vasiliadis' account, one of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia — a Byzantine-era cathedral that now serves as a museum - and another with the group's logo.

Google Maps Shows the Tracking Cameras as Well as Speed Limits

Users from around the world will have access to the service, reported NOVA TV. 

Speed ​​tracking cameras are already available on Google Maps.

Service users have access to the latest version of the application. The company has not yet published an official announcement about countries where the service is active.