Special education

More staff to be hired to spot learning disorders

The Education Ministry plans to bolster procedures for diagnosing learning disorders in children. The aim, Kathimerini understands, is to bring in more permanent staff to the country's Diagnostic, Assessment, Counseling and Support Centers (KEDASY) for people with special education needs instead of temps who are hired to fill gaps.

Digital card gives disabled free access to museums, sites

With a simple scan of their Digital Disability Card, disabled people can now have immediate and free access to the archaeological sites and museums that are under the jurisdiction of the Culture Ministry, without the need for a ticket. Their companions will also be enabled free access in the same way, where this is provided for.

Hospital classrooms to open in all provinces

Hospital classrooms will be established in 81 provinces for students who are being treated in hospitals due to health problems, Education Minister Mahmut Özer has announced.

The project aims to ensure that children with special educational needs exist in all areas of social life, benefit from equal educational opportunities and integrate with social life.

Education Ministry plans to amend the music schools act

Ljubljana – After equality ombudsman found music schools act discriminatory, the Education Ministry announced on Tuesday changes to the legislation on music schools. An analysis on the inclusiveness of music schools will also be conducted, focusing on the inclusion of children with special needs, to serve as a basis for the changes.

Number of Bulgarian Students in UK Universities is slightly Declining over the years

The number of Bulgarian students in the United Kingdom has slightly declined by -415 students less in four academic years, official figures have shown. A total of 6,185 Bulgarians studied in the UK during 2017/18, which numbers decreased to 5,770 by 2020/21, the education search platform Erudera.com reports. 

Bulgarian Ministry of Education has Specified which Children will Not be Tested for COVID-19

Only students with a valid document for post-illness or vaccination (for children over 12) will not be tested. This was clarified by the Ministry of Education.

Children with special educational needs will be tested by their parents at home.

Private schools will also receive free tests for young students, the Ministry of Education and Science said.