Campaign Launched to Curb Fatal Party Gunfire

A new social media campaign has been launched for the Western Balkans called "Don't Ruin the Party" - to raise awareness about the dangers of the custom of celebratory shooting ahead of the New Year's celebrations.

The practice, which was abandoned during the Cold War and communist period, experienced a dramatic comeback in the Nineties.

Iraq captain urges end to celebratory fire

The captain of Iraq's football team Sunday urged fans to refrain from shooting in the air after celebratory gunfire reportedly wounded dozens following a victory against Iran.
Younis Mahmoud made his appeal in a video message he recorded from Australia and posted on Facebook on the eve of Iraq's Asian Cup semi-final clash with South Korea.   

Serbian "slava" in UNESCO's cultural heritage list

Serbian "slava" in UNESCO's cultural heritage list

BELGRADE -- The Serbian "slava" - family patron saint day celebration - has been included in UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

It is the first Serbian cultural asset to make it to the list, the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information said in a statement.