Value-added tax

Electricity prices for SMEs capped

After capping electricity and gas prices for the benefit of households, protected consumers and public institutions, the government has now imposed a price cap on electricity supplied to micro, small and medium-sized companies.

Under a regulation adopted by the government on 30 December, the cap will be in force for six months starting from 1 January.

PM’s tax announcements: Who will receive a double heating allowance, for whom and when the trade tax “freezes”

With the price of natural gas rallying, the government is widening support measures to keep households warm in the difficult winter ahead, while with the aim of reducing natural gas consumption it is giving a double heating allowance as an incentive for citizens to stop using natural gas for their heating and return to heating oil.

Gov’t mulls new measures to help low-income groups

The government is working on new measures that are designed to support low-income groups, Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati has said.

"We have already taken steps to help civil servants, workers and low-income groups. New measures are on the way," Nebati told at a meeting with members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the province of Isparta.

Golob expects up to EUR 1bn aid to be needed for business next year

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Robert Golob has told TV Slovenija in an interview the EUR 40 million package to help businesses cope with high energy prices is focused on this year when problems are still few, while next year up to one billion euro in aid will be needed.

Cost of living on agenda as govt convenes after summer break

Ljubljana – Following a two-week summer recess, the government cabinet will reconvene on Thursday. The government is expected to adopt further measures to address the high prices of energy expected in the autumn and winter. The ministers will be discussing cost of living allowances and measures to help businesses.

NSi urges govt not to reverse tax reform, proposes measures

Ljubljana – The opposition New Slovenia (NSi) has urged the government not to reverse the tax reform introduced by the previous government, while also noting that it should prepare a package of targeted measures to help vulnerable groups as well as measures to help business cope with the growing energy prices.

Priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: The Fight against Vote Buying, Road Safety and Domestic Crime

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Ivan Demerdzhiev, presented his team, as well as the priorities in the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs during the mandate of the caretaker government.

Demerdzhiev introduced his deputies: Monika Dimitrova, Ventsislav Katinov and Emil Ganchev. All three with a rich professional biography.