Value-added tax

Bulgaria to Introduce Electronic Receipts

Bulgaria is ushering in a new era of digitalization in its retail sector as merchants will soon have the option to issue electronic receipts for goods or services sold. This initiative, outlined in a draft of changes to the regulation of the Ministry of Finance on cash registers, aims to streamline transactions and enhance transparency in financial reporting.

Bulgaria Anticipates Meeting Eurozone Inflation Criteria by September

Bulgaria is on track to meet the inflation benchmark required for Eurozone membership by September, according to Finance Minister Asen Vassilev. Speaking at a conference focused on the currency union, Vassilev expressed confidence in Bulgaria's ability to fulfill the necessary criteria within the specified timeframe.

Ferries: Fares soar again this year despite lower fuel prices

The ferry tickets are still very expensive, especially on the inner-Cyclades routes, where for example the route Milos - Koufonisi costs €108! The second obstacle for passengers is the VAT, which was reduced due to the pandemic to 13% and this year it is to return to 24% - An Extension is requested by the shipping companies

European Prosecutor's Office Investigates 203 Cases of Fraud in Bulgaria Totaling €884.9 Million in EU Funds

The European Public Prosecutor's Office has revealed startling figures regarding investigations into suspected fraud involving European Union funds in Bulgaria, with a staggering 203 cases under scrutiny, amounting to €884.9 million. According to a report for the year, the investigations shed light on concerning misuse of EU budget allocations within the country.