Value-added tax

Handout talk generates concern

The government is reportedly preparing a tax relief package ahead of the general election that is set to cost the state up to 4 billion euros per annum, while industrialists are warning of a likely temporary recession for the economy in the case of an extended pre-election period.

CEC Announces Public Procurement Contract to Hire 3,000 voting Machines for European Elections

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has opened a bidding procedure for the award of a public procurement contract with the subject: "Hiring of 3,000 special devices with installed software for electronic machine voting", according to the CEC's website.

Executive Director of BSMEPA, Dr. Boyko Takov: Our Leading Priority is Construction of a Long-term Concept for Promotion of SMEs

The vision for development of Bulgarian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA) and the priorities in its activity in 2019 were presented today by the Executive Director of the Agency Dr. Boyko Takov at the first conference of Economist Magazine for Small and Medium-sized business, named SMART GROWTH.

Restaurants and bars close in Patra to protest high taxes

Restaurants and bars in Patra, western Greece, are to remain closed on Monday as part of a 24-hour strike announced by the union of business owners in protest at excessive taxation, the Athens-Macedonia news agency reported.

In comments to the agency, Spyros Stergiou, the head of the association, said that all business owners would be joining the protest action.

Editorial: Gifts and consolation prizes

Last Monday the finance ministry tabled in Parliament an emergency amendment to a health ministry bill pompously entitled "Modernisation and Restructuring of the Institutional Framework of Private Clinics, Establishment of a Public Health Organisation and Establishment of a National Organisation for Neoplasia, and other provisions".

Scores of violations by fuel stations

The inflow-outflow monitoring systems at fuel stations show that about one in three enterprises inspected in the sector have broken the law.

Of the 546 gasoline stations that the tax administration inspected in 2018, 181 had committed some form of violation, as indicated by the inflow-outflow system and the processing of additional data.