Volodymyr Zelenskyy

BSP Raises Concerns Over Bulgaria's Potential Military Involvement in Ukraine

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has expressed apprehension regarding Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov's recent remarks suggesting the possibility of Bulgaria signing a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine. BSP Chairperson Kornelia Ninova raised concerns during a briefing, calling for Denkov to address the National Assembly on the matter.

Oops, Where's the Sword? Zelensky's Hilarious Exchange at Press Conference with Bulgarian PM (VIDEO)

During a joint press conference between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, an unexpected moment unfolded as Denkov presented a symbolic gift to Zelensky (or tried to). The Bulgarian Prime Minister offered a replica of Khan Kubrat's sword, intending to symbolize the enduring ties between the two nations.

Zelensky Criticizes Trump's Grasp of Putin's Intentions Amid EU's Efforts to Strengthen Ukrainian Defense

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has voiced criticism against former US President Donald Trump, suggesting that Trump's lack of military confrontation with Russia has led to a misunderstanding of Russian leader Vladimir Putin's intentions.

Macron seeks to rally European support for Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron is due to host European leaders Monday for a conference aimed at strengthening Western support for Ukraine, two years into the Russian invasion.

The meeting in Paris will be a chance for participants to "reaffirm their unity as well as their determination to defeat the war of aggression waged by Russia in Ukraine", the French presidency said.

Ukraine Contemplates Peace Talks: To Invite Russia or Not?

Amidst ongoing efforts to seek a resolution to the protracted conflict, Ukraine finds itself at a critical juncture, deliberating the possibility of extending an invitation to Russia for a future peace meeting. The revelation, disclosed by a high-ranking Ukrainian official representative to Reuters, underscores the complexities of diplomacy in the face of entrenched hostilities.

Ukrainian President Unveils Grim Toll of Russian Invasion

In a stark revelation that sheds light on the true cost of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky disclosed today that a staggering 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives since the conflict began. This marked the first time Ukraine has publicly acknowledged the number of military casualties since the invasion commenced.