Cindy Sherman at the Cycladic

'Untitled Film Still #48,' also known as 'The Hitchhiker,' one of the most expensive photographs ever auctioned. [Cindy Sherman / Courtesy of the artist and Hauser & Wirth]

She evokes a sense of deja vu, as if I've encountered her somewhere before, familiar yet elusive. She embodies the essence of a woman of "indeterminate age," elegantly dressed while pedaling a distinctive bicycle through the streets of New York. Emerging from a vintage clothing store laden with bags, her slender silhouette catches the eye. Her once-blonde hair has gracefully transitioned to a soft gray, her features remain gentle, her eyes are blue. If pressed to speculate on her profession, I might suggest actress, gymnast or university professor. Pausing the YouTube video featuring her, I switch to another, slightly older one. "I am an artist who happens to use the camera as my tool so some people would call me a photographer," she introduces herself.

Cindy Sherman poses in her New York studio in April 2016, surrounded by portraits serving as her mood board. [Clement Pascal /...

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