Farmers drive tractors through Argos in austerity protest

Farmers drove tractors through the city of Argos in the Peloponnese on Friday as unions stepped up their nationwide protests against the government's austerity program. The farmers drove past the city's central tax office, to highlight their opposition to recent tax hikes, before heading to the national highway and staging a roadblock.

Hundreds attend spectacular horse parade in Argos (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

Hundreds of locals and visitors gathered to attend the “2017 Diomedia Horse Parade” that took place in Argos, on Sunday November 5.

The much anticipated equestrian event started at 10am in the morning in the center of the city of Argos, and ended at Kefalari parkland, in the afternoon.

Greece marks day of defiance

Students march in a parade in the northern Peloponnese town of Argos on Saturday. Similar events took place around the country to mark Ochi Day, which commemorates October 28, 1940, when Greek leader Ioannis Metaxas rejected Mussolini's ultimatum, propeling Greece into World War II.

New Byzantine museum opens its doors in Argos

A young woman looks at mosaics depicting the embodiment of autumn (right) and a victorious chariot (left) at the Byzantine Museum of Argolida, which opened its doors on Thursday in the northern Peloponnesian town of Argos. The inauguration is part of ongoing efforts to boost the town's cultural and historical profile.

We ask if Alexander The Great was…”Macedonian”, Greek…or both

Right away this title is going to get a wide variety of reactions. Some people are already angry that anyone could say that Alexander wasn’t Greek or that he was only Macedonian, even saying that he was both could rile some people up. On the other hand, some people may have no idea how big an issue this has been in recent years and haven’t given a thought to the ethnicity of Alexander.

Eight of 16 ‘oldest European cities’ in Telegraph article located in Greece

Eight out of the 16 cities in a Daily Telegraph travel piece entitled “Europe’s oldest cities” are in Greece, including Athens, Argos, Hania, Halkida, Mytilene, Patras, Thebes and Trikala. One entry was Larnaca, on Cyprus.

Each of the entries are accompanied by a photo of the city.