Gaza City


Israeli Troops Exit Al-Shifa Hospital Amidst US-Israeli Military Talks

Eyewitnesses report that the Israeli army is pulling back from Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, as confirmed by an AFP journalist. Tanks are seen withdrawing from the premises, with the IDF allegedly firing shells to cover their exit before heading southwest of Gaza City.

19 Palestinians killed in Gaza aid queue

The health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza reported an initial death toll of nine, and the Hamas press office later issued a statement raising it to 19.

"The Israeli occupation commits a massacre, killing 19 and injuring 23 civilians while thousands of citizens were waiting for flour and aid near Al-Kuwait roundabout," the Gaza Media Office said on Saturday in a recent statement.

Israeli army launches operation at Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital

The Israeli army launched Monday an operation around Gaza's largest hospital, Al-Shifa, with witnesses reporting air strikes on the devastated neighbourhood where it is located.

Israeli soldiers "are currently conducting a precise operation in the area of the Shifa hospital", a statement from the military said.