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Foreign Ministry welcomes celebration of International Roma Day

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) welcomes the celebration of the International Roma Day, an event dedicated to the recognition of the culture, history and rights of millions of Roma worldwide and shows that this moment is "an opportunity to bring to mind that the process for Roma inclusion entails sustained efforts on the part of all relevant actors, both at state level and at internationa

Boris Johnson Admitted to an Intensive Care Unit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to the intensive care unit this night after his condition worsened, the BBC reported. Johnson's first positive test for COVID-19 was 10 days ago. He had mild symptoms and was isolated in his home.

Today, his spokesman announced that he was still suffering from symptoms and was admitted to St. Thomas Hospital Sunday night.

Dominic Raab leads Britain as Boris Johnson’s condition worsens, taken to ICU

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was being treated for worsening coronavirus symptoms in an intensive care unit on Tuesday, with his foreign minister deputizing for him as the nation tackles the COVID-19 crisis.Johnson, 55, was admitted to St Thomas' Hospital in central London late on Sunday after suffering persistent coronavirus symptoms, including a high temperature, for more than 10 days

Greek prodigy pens 'Isolation Waltz' for a world in lockdown

Hunker down at home a bit longer is the message a Greek pianist has sent to a world in coronavirus lockdown with his latest composition, the "Isolation Waltz" - and he's just seven years old.

Stelios Kerasidis first performed in public at the age of three, and has played in New York's Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Coronavirus kills off neoliberalism

The responses to crises come in two phases. First, governments respond in predictable ways, consistent with how they have acted before. But then crises have a longer-lasting power, and that is to shift our thinking about what governments should do. The coronavirus is a totemic case in this respect.

Because of the Self-Isolation: A Baby Boom is Expected Next Year

Because of the self-isolation imposed by the authorities over the pandemic with the new virus, British experts expect a real baby boom to be observed in the UK early next year, the Daily Mail writes. Dr Sheri Jacobson, clinical director at Harley Therapy, a psychotherapy clinic in London, told the Times that there was a 'strong possibility; of a baby boom'.