Iconic tapestry of Picasso’s ’Guernica’ is gone from the UN

The iconic tapestry of Pablo Picasso's "Guernica" is gone from its place of honor outside the U.N. Security Council in the United Nations headquarters complex overlooking New York's East River.

The painting "Guernica," considered one of Picasso's masterpieces and by many art critics as perhaps the most powerful anti-war painting in history, hangs in the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid.

In Spain, virtuoso violinist pays tribute to war-torn Lebanon childhood

In the garage where he sought shelter from bombs in his native Lebanon, Ara Malikian discovered the power of music.

The bearded and heavily tattooed 52-year-old paid homage to this childhood hiding spot in his latest album released online in January called "Petit Garage".

Meeting of Romanian and Spanish governments, probably in June/ Spanish ForMin: Agenda, dedicated to the people

The meeting of the Romanian and Spanish governments will most likely take place in June this year, Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya said on Wednesday, stressing that the agenda of the meeting will be "largely dedicated to the people", context in which she voiced her appreciation for the contribution of the Romanian community to the society in her country.

Explosion in a Building in Madrid Kills Bulgarian and at Least 3 Other People

An 85-year-old woman and one Bulgarian was among three people killed today as a gas explosion blew apart a seven-storey block in Madrid while a repairman worked on the boiler. 

The top four floors of the building, belonging to the Catholic Church, were obliterated at around 3pm, leaving the centre of the Spanish capital looking like a war zone.  

Terrible explosion in Madrid downtown: Destroyed building, several dead VIDEO / PHOTO

One building was destroyed and the surrounding buildings were damaged. The explosion happened not far from the tourist attraction Puerta de Toledo, the famous city gate.
Unofficially, it is possible that there was an accident due to a gas leak. Allegations surfaced that the occupants felt gas hours before the explosion.

Three dead as gas blast rips through Madrid building

At least three people were killed on Jan. 20 when a huge explosion ripped through a building in Madrid, with officials confirming it was caused by a gas leak.

Images from the scene showed the walls on the top four or five stories of the residential building in the heart of the La Latina neighborhood had been blown out, with vast quantities of debris spreading far and wide.

Storm from Spain moves to the Balkans in the coming days: It is called Philomena

The Philomena storm, which left Madrid paralyzed by snow last week, is sweeping across the Mediterranean, has already covered the eastern parts of the Balkans and continues via Serbia towards Greece and Turkey.
Due to Philomena, Madrid faced with the heaviest snowfall in decades, while the temperature dropped to a record -36 degrees.