Odessa Oblast

Russia’s Mighty S-400 Humiliated and Destroyed by 30-Year-Old Missiles

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have dealt a severe blow to Russian military installations in the temporarily occupied Crimea peninsula. Reports indicate that the strikes targeted the airport in the city of Dzhankoi, a key hub from which Russian invaders have been launching missiles towards Odesa.

On the Brink: Ukraine Faces New Wave of Russian Shelling, Zelensky Prepares Response

Tensions in Ukraine have reached a critical juncture as reports emerge of new shelling by Russian forces, exacerbating the already complex situation on the front lines. Despite the onslaught, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has declared that Kyiv is formulating plans for a decisive counteroffensive against the aggressors.

Russian Forces Launch Attacks on Infrastructure in Central Ukraine

Russian forces have carried out targeted attacks on critical infrastructure sites in central Ukraine, causing widespread alarm and disruption. The assault, centered around the city of Dnipro, has left at least one person injured and prompted urgent warnings of missile strikes across the country.

Russia's Drone Strikes Target Odesa and Ukraine's Energy Infrastructure

Russia launched a drone assault on the Ukrainian city of Odesa, wreaking havoc on its infrastructure and plunging parts of the city into darkness. The attack, which unfolded under the cover of night, left a trail of destruction, as reported by Reuters citing Oleg Kiper, the regional governor of the Odesa region.

Mitsotakis calls for end to ‘political speculation’ about Tempe railway disaster

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has called for an end to the "political speculation" about the Tempe railway disaster, saying that the "judiciary is doing its work with greater speed than in the past."

"I wonder what those who are talking about a cover-up are talking about," he said, speaking after the conclusion of the European Union council summit in Brussels.

EU to Supply Emergency Power to Ukraine Amidst Russian Airstrikes

Overnight Russian airstrikes targeted energy facilities across Ukraine, leaving over 1 million energy consumers in the country without electricity, as reported by Reuters.

The airstrikes primarily focused on regions in eastern Kharkiv Oblast, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, and Poltava Oblast, resulting in widespread power outages affecting hundreds of thousands of residents.

Russian Airstrikes Leave Over One Million Ukrainians Without Power

In the aftermath of last night's devastating Russian airstrikes on energy facilities, over one million consumers in Ukraine find themselves without power, as reported by a senior presidential official today. The strikes have wrought havoc across multiple regions, leaving hundreds of thousands in darkness.

Explosions Rock Kharkiv as Russian Strikes Target Power Supply

The city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, was shaken by a series of explosions this morning, with Mayor Igor Terekhov confirming about 15 blasts. Initial assessments suggest that Russian missile strikes deliberately targeted the city's power infrastructure, resulting in a partial blackout and disrupting essential services.