Russian War Crimes in Ukraine: Streets of Bucha filled with Dead Bodies, 300 buried in Mass Graves (GRAPHIC)

Nearly 300 people are buried in mass graves in the city of Bucha near the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, as a result of Russian aggression, reported AFP

The corpses of men in civilian clothes scattered on the streets were encountered by journalists who entered the Ukrainian city after it was reclaimed as a result of fierce fighting with the Russian military, the BBC reported.

Air strikes hit Ukraine’s strategic port Odessa

Air strikes rocked Ukraine's strategic Black Sea port Odessa early Sunday morning, according to an interior ministry official, after Kyiv had warned that Russia was trying to consolidate its troops in the south.

"Odessa was attacked from the air," Anton Herashchenko, adviser to the interior minister, wrote on his Telegram account.

Bulgarian Foreign Minister: Over 58 People have Expressed a Desire to Evacuate

There are over 58 people who have expressed a desire to evacuate. This was stated at an extraordinary briefing by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodora Genchovska.

"At this stage, the plans are for a land evacuation. Turkish airlines also continue to fly, so such a transfer could be made to Turkey and then back to Bulgaria," the foreign minister said.

Subterraneans: Mariupol Greeks timidly emerge from underground shelters after Russians hammer area

Members of the ethnic Greek minority in Mariupol emerged from underground refuges this morning, some after 72 hours without electricity or water, as the president of the community told Greek television today.

At dawn today, many residents of the city queued up at ATMs, super markets, and gas stations.

Bulgarian Foreign Minister: We are Waiting for a Safe corridor to Evacuate Bulgarians in Ukraine

"A safe corridor for the evacuation of Bulgarians from Ukraine is awaited. An immediate evacuation from Kyiv will then be ensured", Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska announced at a briefing on Sunday. Today, 77 people were evacuated in two buses.

Turkey evacuating Turkish nationals from Ukraine via land

Turkey has ramped up efforts to evacuate thousands of Turkish nationals from Ukraine via land after they were stranded there following Russia's invasion.

Turkish officials from foreign missions in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova, are now at the Ukrainian borders of those countries to coordinate the evacuation efforts.