New Low-Cost Airline Flies to Sofia!

Lufthansa City Airlines, a new low-cost airline, will make its first flight on June 26, focusing on connecting flights for its parent company from hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. According to Euronews, Bulgaria is among its destinations. The airline will start flights this month to Berlin, Bremen, Cologne Bonn, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Hanover.

Danish Parliament Rejects Bill to Recognize the Palestinian State

The Danish parliament has turned down a bill to recognize the Palestinian state, according to Reuters. Today, Ireland, Spain, and Norway have officially recognized the Palestinian state after announcing their intentions last week. In response, Israel labeled their actions as a "reward to terrorism" and recalled its ambassadors.

Norwegian Ministry of Justice Restricts Access for Russian Tourists Due to Ukraine War

Norway has announced a further restriction on the access of Russian tourists due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, according to statements from the Norwegian Ministry of Justice cited by Reuters. As a NATO member sharing a nearly 200 km border with Russia in the Arctic, Oslo previously tightened visa regulations for Russian tourists in 2022.

Norway, Ireland, Spain say will recognize Palestinian state

Norway, Ireland and Spain announced on Wednesday that they will recognize a Palestinian state from May 28, sparking delight from Palestinian leaders and fury from Israel.

The three nations hope other countries will follow but Europe remains split over the issue as the Israel-Hamas war rages. France said it was not the right time to give recognition however.

Israel holds Palestinian economy captive, say analysts

The Gaza war is speeding up Israel's "annexation" of the Palestinian economy, say analysts, who argue it has been hobbled for decades by agreements that followed the Oslo peace accords.

While the Israel-Hamas war raging since Oct. 7 has devastated swathes of Gaza, it has also hit the public finances and wider economy of the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Many Greeks would rather spend the weekend abroad than in the countryside

Flights abroad for the long weekends of Clean Monday and Independence Day on March 25 are showing increased occupancy rates of over 75%.

For those departing this weekend from Athens, the most popular destinations are Oslo, Bologna, Geneva, Amsterdam and Lisbon, while those departing from Thessaloniki mainly travel to Frankfurt, Berlin, Larnaca, Munich and Dusseldorf.

We stand firm in our support for Ukraine

Heading into another winter of Russia's full-scale war of aggression, we stand firm in our commitment to long-term political, financial and military support to Ukraine.

The Nordic-Baltic solidarity with Ukraine was strongly manifested in Oslo at the Nordic-Ukrainian Summit just before Christmas, and in January this year when Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited all three Baltic states.