Extremely unequal population distribution in Greece – 50% of citizens live in just 66 municipalities out of 1,036!

The permanent population of Greece, which reached 10.482 million in the recent census, is extremely unevenly distributed across the country. The two most populous Regional Units (RU), those of Thessaloniki and the Central Sector of Athens, host 2.09 million people (20.0% of the total population) while occupying only 2.8% of Greece’s area.

The Butterfly Valley in Rhodes is shielded with a state-of-the-art smoke detection system

A quite important tool for the prevention of fires in the forests of Rhodes is the ICT system installed by Nova in the Butterfly Valley area of Rhodes, which can detect smoke, even in small quantities, within a radius of 15 kilometres!

Chios: difficult situation in the battle with the flames, three firefighters injured (video & photos)

The battle is on for another day with flames firefighters and volunteers, with the effort being concentrated – mainly – in Kos and Chios where the fire continues its destructive work, while without an active front are the fires in Monemvasia and Gortyna in Crete.

Authorities order shutdown of Rhodes beach bar for repeated zoning offences

The municipal authority on the southeastern Aegean island of Rhodes has ordered the shutdown of a beach bar in the Santa Marina area by June 20 after inspections uncovered a multitude of zoning violations, including the fact that the business has been illegally built in an archaeological site.

Bulgarian Chess Talent: Three Players Crack Top 30 in FIDE Rankings

In the latest global chess rankings for April, several Bulgarian players have made noteworthy strides, with Antoaneta Stefanova, Nadia Toncheva, and Veselin Topalov securing spots among the top 30 in their respective categories. Meanwhile, Nurgyul Salimova has achieved a remarkable record ranking, signaling Bulgaria's continued prowess on the international chess scene.

4.6 magnitude quake rattles Rhodes

A 4.6 magnitude earthquake rattled the island of Rhodes in the eastern Aegean early Friday morning. No injuries or damages were reported. 

The tremor occurred at 6.27 a.m., 16 km northeast of the city of Rhodes. The estimated depth was 45 km. 

Such magnitude earthquakes are quite common in Greece, which lies close to where Eurasian and African continental plates collide.