Bulgarian-Macedonian Historical Commission: Tsar Samuil was a Ruler of the Bulgarian Kingdom

Tsar (Emperor) Samuil (Samuel) was the ruler of a large medieval state, which the majority of modern historical scholarship considers to be the Bulgarian Kingdom with a center in the territory of today's Republic of North Macedonia.

Smugglers’ Truck Capsizes in North Macedonia, Injuring 35 Migrants

Some 35 migrants were injured on Wednesday night when the truck they were traveling in capsized on the road from the village of Udovo to the town of Gevgelija, close to North Macedonia's border with Greece.

According to the Interior Ministry, the injured migrants were kept in the cargo area of the truck that capsized. A total of 49 migrants was discovered at the site of the accident.

Bulgaria and North Macedonia Signed the Protocol to the Good Neighbour Agreement

The foreign ministers of Bulgaria and North Macedonia signed the bilateral protocol to Art. 12 of the Treaty of Friendship, Good-Neighbourliness and Cooperation.

The document will form part of Skopje's negotiating framework for EU membership and contains measures for the history, hate speech and culture curricula.

The Macedonian Parliament accepted the French Proposal after fierce Debates

With 68 votes "in favor" and none "against" and in the absence of MPs from the main opposition party VMRO-DPMNE and the small "Levitsa" formation, the parliament adopted draft conclusions, with which the cabinet is given direction on what it can and cannot negotiates in the European integration process.

Von der Leyen in Skopje: The Macedonian Language and Identity are Recognized by the EU

North Macedonia must take a step forward towards the European Union, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told the Macedonian parliament ahead of a meeting where lawmakers are debating the so-called "French proposal" to start EU negotiations.

Von der Leyen concluded her address to the Macedonian MPs with a quote from the late President Boris Trajkovski:

Week in Review: Bad Choices and Difficult Options

Judicial Woes

A courtroom in Skopje. Photo: BIRN

Seven years ago, when the ruling SDSM came to power in North Macedonia, one of its pledges for cleaning up corruption and strengthening the rule of law was to implement a judicial vetting process. The aim of this would have been to root out corrupt or inefficient judges.